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Sunday, January 18, 2015

A, B, C’s of Tradeshows and Conference Signage

Gearing up for your next trade show or conference is a stressful time. You need to figure out who is speaking, who will represent your brand the best, what you will say or that your speaker to say. One area that tends to be forgotten about or overlooked is the event signage. Know your space, you want your clients to know that this is your company and your event. There is signage for almost every area you need.

a. Hanging banners – for tall rooms or long hallways, you want to give the right impression. Using a hanging display or banner you can advertise you company, or use multiple banners to deliver a message to your audience.

b. Pop-up Displays – will help distinguish your brand and get your brands message out there. In a trade show setting these can double as a booth or a room divider. Having the proper wording and look it can make the difference.

c. Pull-up Retractable banner stands – are very useful, they can be used for advertising your company or product, or can be used as directional signage or simply to bran your event. Use pull-up retractable signage as a menu of your services, or as an acknowledgement or for a testimonial for your brand.

Whatever your need is for signage there is solution for any occasion. Pull out the floor plan or walk the space and figure out what signs will fit and where they should be placed for best usage. Make sure if you need lighting for your Pop-up Displays or cases that you have the proper outlets available within reach. Give yourself some time to get the signage designed, and submitted with time to get it to your venue.

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