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Saturday, January 24, 2015

It’s a Branding Thing

Brand consistency is something that every company encounters problems with. From making sure that the Marketing, Sales, Website and employees are all putting out the same information and working together to build the brand. Holding events or going to events is a place that you want to make sure that you have matching and constancy.

When planning the event, meet with your team for a general theme and look. Make sure that it will be memorable and inviting. Think of your audience, will they understand and feel excited to be at your event? What will it look like on printed materials?

Make the space stunning. Plan to take the appropriate signage for the space. There is fine line between cluttered and overwhelming signage and branding to … “Is this where the event is?” Make sure you hover in the middle. When planning direction signs, walk your space, if you think there is an option for your group to head the wrong direction or have a nice space for a sign, then you might want to plan on putting a sign there. (Make sure your most important is at the top! Eye level and above) There will be a crowd and having your important information easy to see is best, so your group is  not put off or annoyed because they missed a break out session or meeting because they did not see the sign.

Matching your marketing to all aspects that your group or clients see is something obvious but not everyone has mastered. Match your emails, banners, signs, videos, flyers, workbooks to your theme. If this is a special event or product launch make sure to include it in the marketing. Nothing worse than having a sign or printed item that does not make sense as to why it is there.

PROOF!! Proof all material before sending it off to print, multiple times. Put your best foot forward at you event, having a sign that is misspelled or has the wrong phone number or website is a ding against your event and company. It is best to just take that extra time and proof and proof again to be sure, dial all phone numbers, double check websites.

When following these quick steps your event is sure to have a great look and feel. If you are not sure what pieces to get or which signage to use or items that you can re-use at multiple events, click through the catalog, email or call us. (855) 903-2500 or od@overnightdisplays.com.

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