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Monday, December 7, 2015

A working strategy

Attending a trade show but when budgets are tight, it’s time to carefully examine your trade show strategy. Following these simple year-end planning tips may help you make the most out of your marketing budget.

What Can I Do?
Clean out your storage room.  If you have used product find out if deductions are available, or if the remaining inventory can be sold at a discount at future shows or events to help reduce your inventory tax.
Going with a trade show booth rental will not only save you money now, it will give you more time to solidify the image your company wants to project to the public in the future.  See for yourself what type of display works best for your marketing message before you purchase a brand new booth.
Think about what kind of marketing materials like brochures and tri-folds you’ll need.  Don’t go overboard, remember to leave some of the budget open for upcoming promotions or new products to be introduced or featured.  Select appropriate promotional giveaway items to boost your marketing message or product exposure.
Be open to different travel options like car or van rentals, or taking the train.  You can usually find cheaper deals and travel packages if you start planning your trade show schedule at least six months in advance, and make your reservations several weeks prior to the event.

Stay On Track for Success!
Your strategy for applying these suggestions will depend on your individual business circumstances and accounting methods.  Get creative, and you can plan your event on a manageable budget without missing out on attending and benefiting from the right trade show for you.  Make the most of the tools available to keep costs down, stand out from the crowd and get the most from your trade show experience.

Where Do I Look First?
Focus on targeting any remaining monies allocated for marketing activities that will expire at the end of the year.  Make sure to take advantage of the deals available, as many vendors will offer sales and promotions on trade show displays and accessories to clear up their inventories.

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