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Monday, August 17, 2015

# ... hashtag what?

When prepping for your next event, you want to make sure that you utilize all of the resources that you have to promote the event.

Come up with a plan on how to be seen before, during and after. One of the easiest and best ways is to utilize a hashtag that supports your event and goes with your brand. Start with using something that comes back to you, your event and stick with it (especially if this is an event that you do often!)

Start using it when promoting your event, build interest.

Post it on social media, pair it with pictures and branded graphics.

During the event put it on hand outs.

Post photos and videos of the event with the hashtag ... multiple times during the event.

Have your clients share their photos with your hashtag and share their excitement.

Put it on your signage! There is no better way to help others share, than to tell them what to share and where.

After the event ... post pictures, testimonials and build up for your next event.

Remember brand it consistent and they will come!


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