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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fundraiser Success!

Fundraising can help your cause, but what are things that you need to keep in mind before holding your event?

You need to find a great location that can hold enough people and central enough for you to attract people. Once you find the location try to find enough coverage to get people there and supporting your event.

What do you need once you are at the event?
Well you will need a fair amount of tables and a few branded canopies. Having them branded to your event, company will be a sure way to make people remember you, and know that you mean business.

Make sue that there is plenty of shade, plenty to do and plenty to a leave people entertained.

When setting up the event, have a flyer ready, advertising the cause that you are promoting. You should also create an e-event place use Facebook and Eventbrite. You also want to reach out to your local news and radio stations to see if they can help you get the word out about your event. Depending on the local activities and news, they may offer to do a broadcast there, which would give you a fair amount of publicity.

Writing up a plan and getting people to volunteer is a great way doing a small Barbecue, or providing snacks and drinks to get people to donate money to the event.

There are plenty of events that can be done to keep people there and entertained from table games, to carnival games, face painting or craft stations.

We wish you the best of luck at your next function, come check us out and see what we have to offer to help your next event.

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