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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Advertise this …

Planning an advertising plan is not a day of fun. Write an effective plan that figures costs, tracking, placement and follow-up.

Creating the plan is easy, just sitting down brainstorm what you want your outcome to be, more sales, product announcement, event announcement or brand awareness.

Personally when planning my plan, I make a whole system to support it from budgeting to location to support materials. For most audiences the highest visibility will be on the mobile and social formats, supported by print game plan.

1.       Social – where is your audience most active … advertise here!

2.       Print – where will you have the most visibility
a.       Are you needing displays to put in front of your store front
b.      Large format vinyl banners for the outside of your building?
c.       Foam hanging signs to hang in your business?
d.      New handouts?
e.      Postcards
f.        Posters

3.       Track – how are you going to track where your business is coming from?
a.       QR Codes?
b.      Check Out or Discount codes?

4.       How is this offer going to benefit both you and your customer?

5.       Following up with your leads … collect their data so you can contact them and turn the leads into clients!

This is just the start of what you can do to get business and a marketing plan together.
What are you currently doing that is getting you business right now?

~Overnight Displays

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