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Monday, April 6, 2015

Thinking outside …

Spring is now in full effect in most of the country. Many people are trying to figure out how to capitalize on being outside, enjoying the great weather and how to draw customers with events outside. Hosting a company BBQ, a toy drive or a food drive ... or huge parking lot sale, take planning, consideration and follow-through.

Planning a successful outside event revolves around a few things …

A good weather forecast … prepare for hot, cold, windy … or rainy.
The hot and the cold can be remedied, however super windy and rainy makes it hard to bounce back from.

Besides the shining sun, a few things that should be taken into consideration are …

How accessible is the event? 
Is it in a parking lot, a park or even a store front?

Somethings to consider is how publicized is the event. When doing a big reveal or planning a big sale, getting exposure to what the event is essential. Have a local TV crew or radio station come down and broadcast from the location. Raffle off a prize that is worthy to come and check it out. Or if the purpose of the event is to collect or do some sort of a drive, the news crews would be great to have there for the great things that you are doing.

While people are showing up give them something to remember you by or show them how they can remember you, such as branded signs, branded flyers, canopies … something that shouts your company name … besides you.

After the event, follow up on social media, give results or what was accomplished. If there is a "next time" for the event, let people know, they now know what they missed, now they will want to be there in person experiencing it!

Exposure is important.

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