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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Be prepared! Trade show season is coming

2015 is a big year for change, as you may have noticed we are blogging again!

We want to keep you updated as to what is going on with us and in the industry, we would love to hear from you and what you think or would like to see!

Trending so far this year, we have been noticing people are including multiple pieces and matching their collateral to multiple platforms.

Going with the complete look is important, from branded flyers, podium, chairs, and pens while incorporating digital items to the arsenal of making you look top notch. The use of display stands with use of a monitor or computer. The incorporation of electronics to your printing needs is a great choice.

Things to consider when planning your booth at an event:

  • ·         Make sure you have capabilities to support the display stands that you are purchasing.
  • ·         When bringing an electronic device, make sure you have sufficient enough electricity for your lights and your computer.

  • ·         Make sure that your electronics are the proper size for your banner stands.

o   Because there are so many different sizes of tablets and monitors, it would be a shame to arrive on site and discover you have the wrong connections or the wrong equipment to hold your electronics.

·         Know your audience do you know how many you need your booth or your signage to reach.
Once you get people to notice you, make sure you have enough handouts or items to give out … think outside the box! Give them something that they can keep on their desk as a reminder, “Hey … maybe I should call ______.”

Plan on signage that you can tote around, pack away relatively quickly and something that is easy to manage.

Take the time, figure out if you want a fitted look, or if you want to go with more sleek in your trade show or conference. See what is available, visit OvernightDisplays.com and see our available signs, and displays that we can get to your next event!

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