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Monday, February 22, 2016

Pump up your business

Creating buzz for a business or an event means that a solid plan to get customers to take notice. What can be done to make the event or business stand out takes more than just one part of a marketing plan. It takes a multi-faceted plan that includes attacking all of the areas that your audience is. First do you know how to reach them? Do you know where they are hiding? Where are your competitors hitting them?
  • Social Media - create a solid plan on how to get your customers to find you on social media, targeted paid ads, a solid bio, great key words and interests. Lastly, create posts that are engaging and motivating. 
  • Website - is your website, clean, attractive and mobile friendly? If your sites, main goal is to get people to purchase off of it ... then make sure your call of actions are clear and that there are plenty of high-quality photos.
  • Advertising - There are many places you can pay to advertise, you can pay to have billboards, print ads in industry specific magazines, SEM, and paying to do mailers. 
  • Prospecting - to get clients in the door, you want to prospect to start building your business, make calls to get noticed or send targeted emails to reach your current clients, make sure that the emails are clean, clear and have a great reason to open them.
Reel them in ... the customers that is. Setting up the plan and sticking to it will bring the clients coming and new clients aware of your brand and your mission.


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