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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tell a story with your branding

Telling a story is important to any company. There are so many ways that can be used to tell this story, display stands, banners, printed handouts, invitations and products. But when choosing the way to tell your story, thinking of the ways to display the brand and making it go from “cool” to “wow” is the factor many of us are looking for.

When setting up for a trade show or conference you want to have your brand is being shown properly so your prospects and clients know that you are there.

1.       Match … matching your materials is one of the most important steps to having brand recognition.
a.       Logos
b.      Colors
c.       Themes
d.      Wording
e.      Information

2.       Readability … make your collateral readable on every platform that you choose to display it on. If it is a direction banner, you want to make sure that it stands out in a crowd so your clients know where you want them to be. While placement of the display stands is important functionality of your logo and text. If they are too low or not big enough your message and branding can be lost.

3.       Stand out … stand out in the crowd, with your design. Make your event collateral dynamic, and this goes for all aspects of your trade show, conference or private event. Think about how you would like your event to look and the feeling you want your clients or customers to feel when coming up to your booth or event.

4.       Printer … talk to us about your event expectations and what you are visually trying to do. From display stands to pop up displays or even outside signage we a can help you make your event a success.

Having a great event or great display of your brand is important. Leaving a great impression with your clients and potential clients is also important to the success of your event. Remember all of the places that you can display your brand and where you ca use your display stands and signage.

Here is to a successful 2015 and a great trade show, convention, event and fair!

~Overnight Displays

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