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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Static Cling

Clings and vinyl graphics are not just used in store fronts they are used all over the place. They are a nice addition to your display arsenal. Clings are a quick hanging display or advertisement to for your brand and event. They are a low maintenance display, and the best part of it they are disposable … store them in a dry place with paper in between each of the clings. When you need to use them again pull them out and affix them where you need to set up for your next function.

Below is a short list of ways to use the clings:

  • ·         Use clings to put your logos on carpet or concrete. Use this option as an added advertisement to your event. Do you have a long entrance to your event? Use them as a directional to get people to the areas that you need. This way is also a nice way to keep your brand in front of them … literally.

  • ·         While on the topic of a directional, affix it to the front of your already printed signs if you have to use your signs in multiple venues use the clings as your directional. Make a series of arrows or room changes with the cling and the static will keep it on your printed display.

  • ·         Clings can create some privacy and help you advertise your store front. Use a perforated window cling that serves as a one way directional look out. It will create a little bit of shade and in your windows.

·         Clings can be used in your home as well. Create a cling for a birthday party, baby shower or as a decoration.

·         Need to get your vendors recognized, print a cling.
Window or display clings can help your image at an event. Call us for a quote (855) 903-2500.


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