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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Which one is better … vinyl or fabric?

A question that we often get is which one is better or which one should I pick for this job or for that for this project.

The two most popular types of materials for printing and displays is vinyl and fabric. There are variations that separate the two. When it comes to vinyl it comes in weights from 9 ounces to 22 ounces for printing and signage. Fabric banners however are made in mostly a synthetic cloth, polyester or nylon.

I would suggest using vinyl for outside use, it is durable and easy to install or hang up. Fabric on the other hand is better for inside. There are, this is not only where these two materials cannot cross over into other uses, like for the use of feathers for outside or canopies, they would be made out of a nylon.

Pros and cons of each of vinyl and fabric … when not stored correctly … vinyl wrinkles and bends and folds. Fabric and cloth also wrinkles but it is much easier to steam out with a portable steamer or by gravity if it is on a tension display. Fabric if not printed on the right format or weight will be transparent when displayed in front of a window or with too much lighting … make sure you know where you are display your stands. Vinyl banners can have dirt and smudges wiped off to where, you cannot really do that for cloth unless you dry clean it.

When considering a job for vinyl and for fabric or cloth displays or banners, ask yourself … where are you going to be displaying this and how you are going to be storing it. Both hold endless possibilities for use and for great looks for your business, trade show or conference. Put your best look forward and display yourself professionally with a great display or sign!

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