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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Signage in small spaces

Looking at a shop space that isn’t large is not a bad thing or hard to decorate. There are plenty of ways to get branding across without going crazy. This is a problem many retailers and shop owners face when trying to display their products or services. Trying to maximize space is not an easy task especially trying to get the most out of the area that you have available.

When you are looking at what to paint the inner walls to stick with neutral colors and use your signage and displays as your pops of color. Painting one wall with a right color makes for a bright positive space. This will give the appearance of a larger space. The use of mirrors gives the space a bigger feel, don’t forget when using mirrors you still have an opportunity to brand it to your products and services by using vinyl stickers.

When looking for signage for the rest of your retail shop, we recommend signage that can easily be placed near a wall that won’t stop foot traffic or injure anyone one by being in the way. There are plenty of compact pieces that you can choose that you can use for pops of color and help with your branding.

Placing retractable pull-ups are another great options to direct people where they should be going. You can use them for schedules, announcements or as a decorative branding item.
Utilizing high ceiling by choosing to use hanging banners or hanging displays. There are a ton of options, hanging stretch fabric versions or vinyl and fabric banners.

Give us a call we can create a custom quote for your retail, restaurant or event.

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