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Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Creatively Market Your Business at Trade Shows

Trade shows are probably the perfect place to display your products to your target market. However, it is at times highly perplexing to stand out among other big competitors. It is, therefore, advisable that you use creative marketing ideas for you to make it in the trade shows. Your ideas are should be very catchy to attract many individuals to your booth. The banner stands around your booth should also be eye-catching. This way you will be able to stand out from your competition and promote your products highly in the trade show. Here are creative ways you can make your booth stand out.
Offer snacks and goodies to lure people to your booth
Attracting tradeshow participants takes a lot considering that competitors will always be present in tradeshows. One way you can draw the participants to your booth is by offering snacks or food with a brilliant aroma. Snacks and food attract numerous participants and allow you to introduce your products to them. Consider offering snacks such as popcorn, or pretzels in packaging containing your company logo and information. By doing so, you will be creating walking ads as individuals will walk around with your branded snacks, displaying your company information to other vendors and participants.

Stand out by wearing a team uniform 
Increase the visibility of your booth by providing your team with coordinating clothing options (uniform). The helps create an image of a cohesive team. On dress shirts or collared polo shirts, you can highlight your company slogan or logo. Such customized attires will help the clients remember your company even after the show. In additional make sure that your uniform coordinates with the products that you are offering.
Display a banner
Another highly creative way is displaying the products you offer clearly with banner stands. You can hang them on your booth, put them above it, or place them strategically around it. Placing them above the booth will make your business highly visible. Most of the companies concentrate too much on their booth and around it, but they forget the space above it. You can also consider hanging moving objects, lights, flashing signs among others to improve on your visibility.
Make your booth interactive
Lastly, make your booth interactive. This will help the participants break the monotony of viewing numerous booths. Providing things like game shows that provided actions with prizes to be won, or information request kiosks will attract many of the participants. Getting interactive will make potential clients feel more connected to your business. In addition, they will be able to absorb in your product information displayed on your banners around the booth. The goal here is to make your products know even long after the show.
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Making Your Retail Space Pop with Banner Stands

Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the most effective. In this day and age of technological wizardry and complicated marketing plans, sometimes all it takes is adding a little visual flare to your retail space in order to drive sales. This is where banner stands can help. Whether you're in charge of visual merchandising at your local supermarket or you're setting up your booth at a trade show, a strategically placed banner can go a long way in attracting people's attention.

For all of our sophistication, we're still attracted to big, colorful visuals. With a banner stand, you can display a large, eye catching poster or banner that practically draws the crowds to you. Not only is a banner a good way to initially catch people's attention, but it also lets you quickly and easily convey information.

If you're tied up talking to a potential customer, you don't want others who are hovering around to be discouraged by not knowing what it is you're selling. A banner allows them to read a few main points about your product while they wait to get personal attention. Banners, as you can see, can serve multiple purposes. They are an excellent way to draw crowds and then keep them there. If you're looking to add something extra to your retail space, banner stands are great investments.

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