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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Static Cling

Clings and vinyl graphics are not just used in store fronts they are used all over the place. They are a nice addition to your display arsenal. Clings are a quick hanging display or advertisement to for your brand and event. They are a low maintenance display, and the best part of it they are disposable … store them in a dry place with paper in between each of the clings. When you need to use them again pull them out and affix them where you need to set up for your next function.

Below is a short list of ways to use the clings:

  • ·         Use clings to put your logos on carpet or concrete. Use this option as an added advertisement to your event. Do you have a long entrance to your event? Use them as a directional to get people to the areas that you need. This way is also a nice way to keep your brand in front of them … literally.

  • ·         While on the topic of a directional, affix it to the front of your already printed signs if you have to use your signs in multiple venues use the clings as your directional. Make a series of arrows or room changes with the cling and the static will keep it on your printed display.

  • ·         Clings can create some privacy and help you advertise your store front. Use a perforated window cling that serves as a one way directional look out. It will create a little bit of shade and in your windows.

·         Clings can be used in your home as well. Create a cling for a birthday party, baby shower or as a decoration.

·         Need to get your vendors recognized, print a cling.
Window or display clings can help your image at an event. Call us for a quote (855) 903-2500.


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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Which one is better … vinyl or fabric?

A question that we often get is which one is better or which one should I pick for this job or for that for this project.

The two most popular types of materials for printing and displays is vinyl and fabric. There are variations that separate the two. When it comes to vinyl it comes in weights from 9 ounces to 22 ounces for printing and signage. Fabric banners however are made in mostly a synthetic cloth, polyester or nylon.

I would suggest using vinyl for outside use, it is durable and easy to install or hang up. Fabric on the other hand is better for inside. There are, this is not only where these two materials cannot cross over into other uses, like for the use of feathers for outside or canopies, they would be made out of a nylon.

Pros and cons of each of vinyl and fabric … when not stored correctly … vinyl wrinkles and bends and folds. Fabric and cloth also wrinkles but it is much easier to steam out with a portable steamer or by gravity if it is on a tension display. Fabric if not printed on the right format or weight will be transparent when displayed in front of a window or with too much lighting … make sure you know where you are display your stands. Vinyl banners can have dirt and smudges wiped off to where, you cannot really do that for cloth unless you dry clean it.

When considering a job for vinyl and for fabric or cloth displays or banners, ask yourself … where are you going to be displaying this and how you are going to be storing it. Both hold endless possibilities for use and for great looks for your business, trade show or conference. Put your best look forward and display yourself professionally with a great display or sign!

~Overnight Displays

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Upgrades Coming

I once heard a very wise public speaker say to “Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade” well, we have been doing just that. We have gotten new toys, new products and a new Facebook Page (check it out!).

We have been trying to put our best foot forward and make 2015 the best year yet! One of the new toys that we recently have gotten a chance to play with and finally get it delivered is the VuTek Hybrid printer. We are ecstatic of its possibilities and the way that we are going to be able to upgrade the jobs that we do for you.

We cannot wait for you to check out our new machine, we will be posting updates on it and hopefully be adding a video of it in action!

And in case you missed it this week, check this out! VIDEO.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tell a story with your branding

Telling a story is important to any company. There are so many ways that can be used to tell this story, display stands, banners, printed handouts, invitations and products. But when choosing the way to tell your story, thinking of the ways to display the brand and making it go from “cool” to “wow” is the factor many of us are looking for.

When setting up for a trade show or conference you want to have your brand is being shown properly so your prospects and clients know that you are there.

1.       Match … matching your materials is one of the most important steps to having brand recognition.
a.       Logos
b.      Colors
c.       Themes
d.      Wording
e.      Information

2.       Readability … make your collateral readable on every platform that you choose to display it on. If it is a direction banner, you want to make sure that it stands out in a crowd so your clients know where you want them to be. While placement of the display stands is important functionality of your logo and text. If they are too low or not big enough your message and branding can be lost.

3.       Stand out … stand out in the crowd, with your design. Make your event collateral dynamic, and this goes for all aspects of your trade show, conference or private event. Think about how you would like your event to look and the feeling you want your clients or customers to feel when coming up to your booth or event.

4.       Printer … talk to us about your event expectations and what you are visually trying to do. From display stands to pop up displays or even outside signage we a can help you make your event a success.

Having a great event or great display of your brand is important. Leaving a great impression with your clients and potential clients is also important to the success of your event. Remember all of the places that you can display your brand and where you ca use your display stands and signage.

Here is to a successful 2015 and a great trade show, convention, event and fair!

~Overnight Displays

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