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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Trade show ... Conference ... Job Fair ... Oh my!

Trade shows and conferences are great place to display your product or company to your key audience. Some people find it hard or challenging to stand in the same venue or event as their competitors. Using creative ideas to draw prospects to the booth or area at your tradeshow. Your ideas are should be very catchy to attract many individuals to your booth. The banner stands or display should also be eye-catching. This way you will be able to stand out from your competition and promote your products highly in the trade show, conference or job fair (if you are a recruiter). Here are creative ways you can make your booth stand out.

Offer snacks and branded giveaways bring people to your booth …
Getting people to approach your booth is not an easy task, if you have a sales team they can bring people to your booth but if you are small team you should bring other methods of getting people to come see you. Candy is a good way to get people to come to you, it gives you a chance to talk to them while they are reaching in for a quick bite. Snacks and food attract numerous participants and allow you to introduce your products to them. Consider offering branded packaging that has your logo and information, this can be done with peanuts, pretzels and water. By investing in branded items, you are creating a walking display advertisement for your company while they are walking the rest of the event.

Stand out by wearing your company’s branded uniform …
Increase the visibility of your booth by providing your team with coordinating clothing options (uniform). The helps create an image of a cohesive team. On dress shirts or collared polo shirts, you can highlight your company slogan or logo. Such customized attires will help the clients remember your company even after the show. In additional make sure that your uniform coordinates with the products that you are offering.

Banded display banner or sign …
Another highly creative way is displaying the products you offer clearly with banner stands. You can hang them on your booth, put them above it, or place them strategically around it. Placing them above the booth will make your business highly visible. Most of the companies concentrate too much on their booth and around it, but they forget the space above it. You can also consider hanging moving objects, lights, flashing signs among others to improve on your visibility.

Make your booth interactive …
Lastly, make your booth interactive. This will help the participants break the monotony of viewing numerous booths. Stand out, this is your chance to shine amongst your competitors. Use a tablet, TV or video or even a spin wheel for giveaways this will attract many of the participants. Getting interactive will make potential clients feel more connected to your business. In addition, they will be able to absorb in your product information displayed on your banners around the booth. The goal here is to make your products know even long after the show.
~Overnight Displays

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Advertise this …

Planning an advertising plan is not a day of fun. Write an effective plan that figures costs, tracking, placement and follow-up.

Creating the plan is easy, just sitting down brainstorm what you want your outcome to be, more sales, product announcement, event announcement or brand awareness.

Personally when planning my plan, I make a whole system to support it from budgeting to location to support materials. For most audiences the highest visibility will be on the mobile and social formats, supported by print game plan.

1.       Social – where is your audience most active … advertise here!

2.       Print – where will you have the most visibility
a.       Are you needing displays to put in front of your store front
b.      Large format vinyl banners for the outside of your building?
c.       Foam hanging signs to hang in your business?
d.      New handouts?
e.      Postcards
f.        Posters

3.       Track – how are you going to track where your business is coming from?
a.       QR Codes?
b.      Check Out or Discount codes?

4.       How is this offer going to benefit both you and your customer?

5.       Following up with your leads … collect their data so you can contact them and turn the leads into clients!

This is just the start of what you can do to get business and a marketing plan together.
What are you currently doing that is getting you business right now?

~Overnight Displays

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

How much is too much?

Planning marketing materials for your event is not an easy task.

There are so many things to plan for and to do for your event. Look at the things that you want to accomplish at your event. Is the event your own? Do you have the whole space or are you sharing space with multiple companies?

Standing out is important in your event or event location.  Plan on what you want there to support you? Do you need pull up retractable to direct people to you? Do you need a booth, create a space with a pop-up booth.  The use of flooring or podiums will create a discussion place, or the use of document holders will hold your extra brochures, contracts, registration forms and flyer's. Are you opting for a table instead of a podium? Using a branded table runner or table throw completes a nice look and really hones in your marketing for your brand.

So deciding to purchase the right items for your event can be a little challenging. Just start off your planning with who your target audience is, and if you cannot convert them on the first try give them some stellar information and a great impression to take home with them.

Give us a call and we can help you display your self with high-quality and awesome looking signage.

~Overnight Displays

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Signage in small spaces

Looking at a shop space that isn’t large is not a bad thing or hard to decorate. There are plenty of ways to get branding across without going crazy. This is a problem many retailers and shop owners face when trying to display their products or services. Trying to maximize space is not an easy task especially trying to get the most out of the area that you have available.

When you are looking at what to paint the inner walls to stick with neutral colors and use your signage and displays as your pops of color. Painting one wall with a right color makes for a bright positive space. This will give the appearance of a larger space. The use of mirrors gives the space a bigger feel, don’t forget when using mirrors you still have an opportunity to brand it to your products and services by using vinyl stickers.

When looking for signage for the rest of your retail shop, we recommend signage that can easily be placed near a wall that won’t stop foot traffic or injure anyone one by being in the way. There are plenty of compact pieces that you can choose that you can use for pops of color and help with your branding.

Placing retractable pull-ups are another great options to direct people where they should be going. You can use them for schedules, announcements or as a decorative branding item.
Utilizing high ceiling by choosing to use hanging banners or hanging displays. There are a ton of options, hanging stretch fabric versions or vinyl and fabric banners.

Give us a call we can create a custom quote for your retail, restaurant or event.

~Overnight Displays

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