Overnight Displays Blog: June 2015

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

What do you need ... we can help you

If you have not checked out what we have going on at OvernightDisplays.com, you should go check it out. We have expanded our inventory, including more pull-up retractable banners, snap-tube displays ... even including double-sided versions.

While you are planning for your next event, stop by and check out how we can help you!

Once we get your approval on the artwork we can typically turn your order in 2-3 days, we even offer express orders for those last minute needs.

If you need help sourcing an item, give us a call we have in many cases been able to locate the item you need to round out your next event!

One of our experienced customer service representatives can help you with your needs, give us a call at (855) 903-2500 next time you need signage or displays for your next trade show, expo or event.


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Monday, June 22, 2015

Budgeting for your next project

Budgeting is stressful ... anywhere.

When planning an event making sure that all i's are dotted and all t's are crossed is easier said than done.

Start off with what is your event's goal?

  • Brand awareness
  • Product launch
  • Selling something
Once you figure out why you are having your event, plan how the goals are going to get hit. 
  • How are you going to promote the brand?
    • Supporting signage
    • Handing out flyers
    • Have brand ambassadors talking to prospects
  • What are you going to launch?
    • Do you have a product to show
    • Scheduling a demo of the product
    • Giving out samples?
      • How much do the samples cost in comparison to the full product?
  • What is being sold?
    • How are you going to sell it?
    • What is going to be giving in return?
    • Do you have contracts, receipts, or a way to follow up with leads?
By finding your goal, then how to hit it, sitting down and planning what you need to spend to make it profitable. Planning out how you are going to get people there, and how much you are going to invest to make these things help. 

Create a Marketing Plan, include everything you are going to do. Don't overwhelm yourself by holding all for the tasks for you, delegate tasks out to your team. Once the Marketing Plan is complete, add up all of the costs to get people in the door, all off the costs to get your prospects enthralled with your event and brand. Make sure to calculate the costs of room rentals, printing materials (signage, banners, booths, step and repeats), social costs, staff hours and travel. 

All of these small things add up to the cost of an event, being prepared will help your event run smoothly. 

Good luck! 

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Where should you be displaying

What events are you spending your time at? What currently works the best for your business?

For some people it is sending out mailers, spending money on print ads and for others it is social media. Others well they go to where their audience is at a specialized tradeshows and expos.

What works best?
The very first thing would be to do a bit of research on what works best at a trade show in Los Angeles. Banner stands, leaflets, brochures, souvenirs, signup forms and a number of other items can be a part of your list. However, maximum priority should be given to those without which you simply cannot attract your prospective customers.

Banner stands are a must for trade shows. They not only work to advertise your business, but can easily be placed outside your stall to grab the attention of any passerby. In other words, they are bound to improve the footfall in your stall.

Banner stand designs
To make the most of banner stands in a Los Angeles trade show, you must consider the quality and design elements of the stand. The design should depict your products clearly, and at the same time have that element that draws customers to your stall. The design should match your specific business, and should also match perfectly with the color and structure of the stall you have setup.

Ideally, try to ensure that your stall and the banner stands closely match the colors used in your logo and other branding documents like the leaflets, magazines and brochures you plan to give out.

Sticking to your budget
Whether it is the banner stands or the other elements that you may want to display and distribute in the Los Angeles trade show, make sure you do not overspend. Trade shows are often good for improving your brand recall, but not always the best place to sell your products.

In other words, do not always expect that you are surely going to earn through sales in the trade show more than what you invest. You will see positive results with time, which is why you should decide on a budget before you start spending on advertisements and promotions in the trade show.

Buying banner stands
Finally, try to buy good quality banner stands for the trade show. If your budget does not permit you, do not go for a low quality option. Badly done banner stands may hamper your brand image.

Make sure you look at what works great, use multiple ways to reach your audience. Look for reliable and quality banner stand sellers in Los Angeles, like OverNightDisplays.com. Online sellers can offer you some very good deals and good discounts for good quality products!

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Expo Prep

You maybe getting ready for your next trade show or expo ... but are you really ready?

Have you thought about your presentation? Have you run through what you are going to have to support your next presentation to your prospects?

It seems easy but make a checklist and check it twice. Before you pack your suitcase make sure you have all of the items you need to make a great presentation for your company.

Did you order sufficient amount of branded promotional items to get you to the end of the expo? What are you going to do to attract people to your table or booth? What is going to make them go "OHHH, I need to talk to them!" First start with building the booth you are standing at. Brand it to your product, colors, logos, photos all matching your message.

Not only do you wan to have the correct amount of promotional items you also have to have the right amount of hand outs to give them, either flyers, brochures or pamphlets giving the prospects the information needed to take back with them.

Prepare the right signage, Do you know if you have room for a 8ft, 10 foot or multiple EZ Snap or Pop up displays? When putting your display booth together make sure that it is bright, catching and getting the message out there.

Are you going to use a table, a skirted table or a branded podium. There are so many options out there to set up the most function booth possible for your trade show or expo.

Give us a call or email us so we can set you up with the correct set up for a successful show.


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