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Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Choose the Right Designs for Your Banner Stands For a Los Angeles Trade Show

Tradeshows are often one of the best places to promote your business and products, provided it deals with industries and products that match with your particular line of business. To make the most of a Los Angeles tradeshow, you must plan your promotional requirements well ahead and have everything ready before time.

What works best?
The very first thing would be to do a bit of research on what works best at a trade show in Los Angeles. Banner stands, leaflets, brochures, souvenirs, signup forms and a number of other items can be a part of your list. However, maximum priority should be given to those without which you simply cannot attract your prospective customers.
Banner stands are a must for trade shows. They not only work to advertise your business, but can easily be placed outside your stall to grab the attention of any passerby. In other words, they are bound to improve the footfall in your stall.

Banner stand designs
To make the most of banner stands in a Los Angeles trade show, you must consider the quality and design elements of the stand. The design should depict your products clearly, and at the same time have that element that draws customers to your stall. The design should match your specific business, and should also match perfectly with the color and structure of the stall you have setup.
Ideally, try to ensure that your stall and the banner stands closely match the colors used in your logo and other branding documents like the leaflets, magazines and brochures you plan to give out.

Sticking to your budget
Whether it is the banner stands or the other elements that you may want to display and distribute in the Los Angeles trade show, make sure you do not overspend. Trade shows are often good for improving your brand recall, but not always the best place to sell your products.
In other words, do not always expect that you are surely going to earn through sales in the trade show more than what you invest. You will see positive results with time, which is why you should decide on a budget before you start spending on advertisements and promotions in the trade show.

Buying banner stands
Finally, try to buy good quality banner stands for the trade show. If your budget does not permit you, do not go for a low quality option. Badly done banner stands may hamper your brand image.

Look for reliable and quality banner stand sellers in Los Angeles, like OverNightDisplays.com. Online sellers can offer you some very good deals and good discounts for good quality products!

Banner Stands and Why You Need to Use for Your Business

As far as I remember, I have never used any form of advertisement for my cake shop until recently. In our small town, almost everyone knew me and my shop selling cakes, cookies and pastries. With time, I saw more and more shops opening up in the town, with more people coming to live here.
Slowly I realized that I should use some sort of an advertisement to let everyone know about my business.

My options
I run a small home based business, and my shop is just a part of my home. It is very close to the main market, where I could find a lot of customers every day. So I checked my options. While my son pointed out on promoting online, I thought it may not be the best option for my shop at the moment.
I was looking for something more offline – like banner stands, leaflet distribution and flyers. Advertising in the local newspaper was also something that I could consider. So I decided to give each option a fair try.

The results
I would not say that I saw results overnight, but soon I noticed the difference. I started with distributing leaflets which me and my son both designed and got printed. There were no offers mentioned on the leaflet, just a bit about my shop and the special products on offer.
A few people came to my shop mentioning about the leaflet very soon. Customers even pointed out at some of the featured cookies and cakes in the leaflet and bought those goodies. This was a good response, but I felt it could have been better.

The banner stands in particular
The best results were noticed when I bought a couple of banner stands to advertisement my business. I bought each of these stands from OverightDisplays.com, at quite a competitive price. I used two different banners on these stands.
On both the banner stands, I featured my business, its products and the location of my shop. I also added some deals and packages, and even the option to buy in bulk and get higher discounts.
I must say, the response was awesome. I printed an advertisement on the local newsletter as well later on. The advertisement did work, but nothing worked like the banner stands, especially when I put them on display in the market over the weekend.

I think, for a business like mine, a small cake shop in a little town catering to only local customers, banner stands can be extremely helpful for advertisements and will improve your sales if you put the right content on them!