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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thank you ... another successful event

Recently I had to throw together an event with a few weeks notice.

I say throw together, because the person that was working on the event was not able to finish the job. So I stepped in and started planning the space. The space that we were using was a huge venue with multiple rooms and various points of entry. It was my job to figure out how to get all of the attendees to and from the spots that they needed to be in a way that was organized and not confusing.

Opting for various directional signs, utilizing x-back pop-ups, retractable banners and a few curved booths, I was able to organize a successful event and several mini event during the week!

Thank You! Overnight Displays, you quality and professional team helped make our event shine!

Tonia M. - Las Vegas

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

There’s no business like tradeshow business … proven tips to make you succeed!

Tradeshows are often one of the best places to promote your business and products, provided it deals with industries and products that match with your particular line of business. To make the most of a tradeshow, you must plan your promotional requirements well ahead and have everything ready before time.

What works best?
The very first thing would be to do a bit of research on what works best at a trade show, current trends, availability and how long it will take to get your supplies. Look at various options, banner stands, leaflets, brochures, souvenirs, signup forms and a number of other items can be a part of your list. However, maximum priority should be given to those without which you simply cannot attract your prospective customers.

Banner stands are a must for trade shows. They not only work to advertise your business, but can easily be placed outside your stall to grab the attention of any passerby. Do not forget to think about what your booth area will be at and look like. Do you need a booth, table and table skirt … adding and thinking about these things ahead of time to give a great first impression.

Banner stand designs
To make the most of banner stands in a tradeshow, you must consider the quality and design elements of the stand. The design should depict your products clearly, and at the same time have that element that draws customers to your stall. The design should match your specific business, and should also match perfectly with the color and structure of the stall you have setup.

Ideally, try to ensure that your stall and the banner stands closely match the colors used in your logo and other branding documents like the leaflets, magazines and brochures you plan to give out. If you do not have a graphic designer you can always higher one pretty affordably from sites like, odesk.com.

Sticking to your budget
Whether it is the banner stands or the other elements that you may want to display and distribute in the tradeshow, make sure you do not overspend. Trade shows are often good for improving your brand recall, but not always the best place to sell your products.

In other words, do not always expect that you are surely going to earn through sales in the trade show more than what you invest. You will see positive results with time, which is why you should decide on a budget before you start spending on advertisements and promotions in the trade show.

Buying banner stands
Finally, try to buy good quality banner stands for the trade show. If your budget does not permit you, do not go for a low quality option. Badly done banner stands may hamper your brand image.

Look for reliable and quality banner stand sellers, like OverNightDisplays.com. Online sellers can offer you some very good deals and good discounts for good quality products!

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Advertising: Options ... Results ... and Success

Starting a business is a scary venture, but it can also be exciting. There are so many ways that you can make your storefront or business successful.         

If you are in a small town, big trade show or a small conference, let people know who you are and what you are about …

Where can you find a lot of customers every day? Check your options. You can display yourself by promoting online. If you are looking for something more offline – like banner stands, leaflet distribution and flyers. Advertising in the local newspaper was also something that I could consider. Give each option a fair chance, find the best option for you or use a few at a time and find the best formula that works for your business.

Getting results
Results do not happen overnight, however over time and persistence you will start to notice a difference. Personally, I like to work in three’s online, printed and emails.    
Getting a good response and start getting happy customers in your doors or to your shop is the goal … keeping them happy and spreading the word about you is even better!

The banner stands in particular
Throw up some affordable and nice looking retractable pull-ups. Use it to display your specials, product or your branding. Add some deals and packages, and even the option to buy in bulk and get higher discounts.

Check out our weekly specials to see what is available or give us a call!

~Overnight Displays

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Thinking outside …

Spring is now in full effect in most of the country. Many people are trying to figure out how to capitalize on being outside, enjoying the great weather and how to draw customers with events outside. Hosting a company BBQ, a toy drive or a food drive ... or huge parking lot sale, take planning, consideration and follow-through.

Planning a successful outside event revolves around a few things …

A good weather forecast … prepare for hot, cold, windy … or rainy.
The hot and the cold can be remedied, however super windy and rainy makes it hard to bounce back from.

Besides the shining sun, a few things that should be taken into consideration are …

How accessible is the event? 
Is it in a parking lot, a park or even a store front?

Somethings to consider is how publicized is the event. When doing a big reveal or planning a big sale, getting exposure to what the event is essential. Have a local TV crew or radio station come down and broadcast from the location. Raffle off a prize that is worthy to come and check it out. Or if the purpose of the event is to collect or do some sort of a drive, the news crews would be great to have there for the great things that you are doing.

While people are showing up give them something to remember you by or show them how they can remember you, such as branded signs, branded flyers, canopies … something that shouts your company name … besides you.

After the event, follow up on social media, give results or what was accomplished. If there is a "next time" for the event, let people know, they now know what they missed, now they will want to be there in person experiencing it!

Exposure is important.

~Overnight Displays

Ask us how we can cover you.

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